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Eve is a Global community of womxn who share portfolios, co-invest and support each other in self-guided wealth management through peer-to-peer learning. We are redefining what wealth means and who gets to build it. Powered by a community of our favorite investors, operators and thinkers - bound by shared values and incentives.


From workshops and conferences to retreats and local city meetups check out our open and member-only events.

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The community chat and destination for connection. From #AngelInvesting and #RealEstate to #Crypto and city meet-ups, there is home for everyone at all levels. We work in groups as one, for the upliftment of all. Unlock a rolodex of peers who help each other improve their investment acumen, share, and benefit from the collective wisdom.

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Access the library of Eve Member Portfolios to learn, compare and get inspired. Request to connect with members or discuss during live Portfolio Share sessions.

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Premium access to the full digest of everything happening in the Eve universe. This includes weekly market analysis, insights, alpha alerts, expert talks and more.

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Access the list of investment opportunities pitched to the Eve network – from early stage startups to real estate and private funds. Deals are shared bi-weekly.

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Explore the full network of the Eve universe. We are a community of financially ambitious womxn who are operators, leaders, and experts in their field. Get connected.

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Crypto Curious

Your step-by-step guide to earn & invest in web3.


The investment gap costs women millions of dollars over their lifetime. Women only make up 8% of investors, only 0.05 % of women have invested in startups (compared to 30% of men), and only 6% of bitcoin investors are female. We believe we can change this by creating safe spaces for real womxn to find inspiration, information and confidence. We learn from peers who share experiences through conversation. “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Go Far with Us.

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